Early Heart Attack Care Awards 2015 EHAC People of the Year

EHAC 2015 People of the Year


Barbara Charles and Jennifer Weeks Awarded 2015 Early Heart Attack Care People of the Year
Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care’s Deputy Heart Attack Program Awards
Excellence in Early Heart Attack Care Education


COLUMBUS, OH (April 28, 2016) – At the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care’s 19th Congress, the Deputy Heart Attack Program will present the 2015 Early Heart Attack Care (EHAC) People of the Year awards to Barbara Charles and Jennifer Weeks. Barbara Charles, RN, BSN, CCCC, is the Cardiology Service Line Director at the San Juan Regional Medical Center. Jennifer Weeks, EMT, RN, BSN, CLNC, CCPC, is the EMS Liaison and CV Coordinator at University Health Care System. The Deputy Heart Attack Program disseminates Early Heart Attack Care education in order reduce the cardiovascular mortality rate in the United States.

“In previous years, we’ve only selected one recipient for the EHAC Person of the Year,” said SCPC and EHAC Founder, Dr. Raymond Bahr. “However, this year there was a tie when we took the vote, so we decided to give the award to Ms. Charles and Ms. Weeks due to their amazing work with Early Heart Attack Care. This past year, EHAC grew by leaps and bounds—achieving a major milestone of over 500,000 EHAC Pledges— and this is due to the efforts of all of the nominees. The life-saving message is being communicated by the hard work and dedication of Ms. Charles and Ms. Weeks. Their passion and commitment to the EHAC mission converts the message into actionable steps that show people how to save each other.”

Wil Mick, Vice President of Accreditation Services, agrees, “Although EHAC is an essential component to a hospital’s accreditation, Ms. Charles and Ms. Weeks expanded their outreach by creating a plan that positively impacts the heart-saving efforts in their communities. Their work embraces Dr. Bahr’s central message—that the majority of heart attacks occur in the community. In order to save lives, we must get the message beyond the doors of a hospital.”

In addition to Ms. Charles and Ms. Weeks, the Deputy Heart Attack Program also named three 2015 EHAC Honorees:

  • Katherine Cunningham, BA, RN, CHFN, CCCC of Cabell Huntington Hospital in Huntington, West Virginia
  • Bridget Gilley, RN, MSN, CCCC, of St. Vincent’s Health System in Birmingham, Alabama
  • Jamie Moore, RN, CCCC, of Trinity Mother Frances Hospital in Tyler, Texas

For more information on the Society of Cardiovasculart Patient Care's 19th Congress, click here.

For more information on the Deputy Heart Attack Program, visit www.deputyheartattack.org or email community@scpc.org.

Dr. Raymond Bahr's Articles & Videos

Dr. Raymond Bahr writes articles about the EHAC movement. He has also done several videos that outline the importance of Early Heart Attack Care.

Meet the Deputy Heart Attack Founder

Dr. Raymond Bahr

Dr. Raymond Bahr is passionate about cardiac care and preventive education. As the founding father of the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care (now ACC Accreditation Services), his passion to disseminate lifesaving information is a driving force behind the Deputy Heart Attack Program. Throughout his career, he has created multiple programs to help others understand the life saving measures that can save a life. In 1981 at St. Agnes Hospital, Dr. Bahr established the Chest Pain Emergency Department (CPED), the first such unit in the world. The initial purpose of this CPED was prompt and effective treatment of patients presenting with heart attack/sudden death. The CPED was coupled with an aggressive education program that taught the community the early warning signs of a heart attack. This education program extended to middle and high school students via health and science curricula.